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It is fashionable now to own a bucket list, things you want to do before a certain milestone in life, whether its pre-pregnancy, pre-retirement, post-retirement or just "sometime". The only problem is, when you are starting out on a new path, it can sometimes be a little daunting. How do you take the first step towards achieving your life goals? Perhaps you want to go bungee jumping - that might be fairly straight forward, (unless you are afraid of heights!) you pay up, you go. What if you want to learn a new language - what language, what course, self learning, online learning, Rosetta Stone or classroom based? What if you want to write a book?

So you find yourself stalled, incomplete life goals teasing you when you go on facebook and see your old school mates have posted about their trip to Latvia, or see an ex-colleague has just presented a paper at a conference, or you meet your ex-boyfriend on the street and not only is his new girlfriend beautiful, but they just got back from Tanzania, and you never did arrange that trip to Kenya that you argued about and broke up over...

You need motivation, a breakdown of the goals into small snippets of manageable size, that fit between changing a diaper and wiping a nose! Support helps - that was what I found when my friend started the Alley Oop Group and my bucket list is starting to look doable! One of my goals is to write a book, my subtasks included 'join an online writing course' check, 'practice story structure the Pixar way' check and 'write some poetry' check.

This blog is one of my subtasks 'establish an online presence'... and here I am - online presence established. Shiny and new.... now what to do with the blog design... hmmm.... and what shall I post about next....

Suggestions (constructive!) for post subjects are welcome!

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